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See event details for: GCU High School All-Regional Honor Choir Audition Workshop

GCU High School All-Regional Honor Choir Audition Workshop

January 20 @ 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Grand Canyon University invites you to a free audition workshop for students auditioning for the AMEA High School All-Regional Honor Choir! Students will participate in a mock solo audition and receive feedback with helpful suggestions from our talented voice faculty on how to improve. The workshop also includes a sight-reading seminar with tips to help students improve their sight-reading score, along with an opportunity for seniors to audition for entry into the GCU music program! The deadline for registration is Friday, Jan. 17 at 4 pm (MST).

For students who wish to participate, a master class will also be available to sing alongside our talented voice faculty. Finally, a performance will be given by our acclaimed vocal ensemble, Critical Mass. Lunch and campus tours are included. Register today as an individual or group to reserve your space!

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The Tempest

February 7 - February 16

“The Tempest” tells the story of two families’ desires for love and power. Filled with explosive drama and vengeance, this sinister play centers around a magical storm which leaves passengers shipwrecked on a tropical island. The events that follow involve a budding romance, a murderous plot, magical spirits and, ultimately, forgiveness.
19COF0094 – TheTempest-EVT-Page
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Student Matinee – The Tempest

February 12 @ 9:30 am - February 13 @ 9:30 am

Centered around two families’ desires for love and power, “The Tempest” begins with a magical storm. The events that follow include shocking betrayals, magical spirits, a budding romance and the most powerful emotion of all: forgiveness. Don’t miss out on this critically acclaimed production!
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Spring Dance Concert: Student Matinee

April 20 @ 9:30 am

The Ethington Dance Ensemble concludes their 10th anniversary season with Moving Forward, a concert that aspires to elevate conversations on dance toward a vision of social harmony. To develop their stage creations, faculty and guest choreographers will ask challenging questions about the world and their roles within it. Questions including what’s next for dance in this digital age, how will dance change as new styles emerge and who will pass the torch to future generations. This unique show is sure to appeal to new dance audiences and devoted fans alike.