Virtual College Fairs


Thursday, Oct. 1, 2020
Thursday, Dec. 31, 2020




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HPE-20GTR0678 – Virtual College Fair Headers
Virtual College Fairs

GCU is now offering free virtual college fairs on a monthly basis. This innovative experience was developed to provide students with a deeper understanding of potential career paths alongside the unique opportunity to personally explore GCU from anywhere!

Each event is approximately 40 minutes long and will give you the chance to hear from deans or college leadership and learn about programs of study, potential career paths and state-of-the-art facilities. A faculty roundtable and student panel also provide an inside look into life at GCU.

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Colangelo College of Business

College of Education

College of Fine Arts and Production

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

College of Theology


GCU Club Sports

GCU Honors College



Concurrent Canyon Professional Development Experiences

While your students are exploring their college options, GCU will be offering additional professional development sessions designed specifically for high school and community college teachers. Explore our offerings below and join Canyon Professional Development in diving deeper into secondary education.

Professional Development breakout sessions will be provided in the chat feature at the start of the virtual event.

Enhance Student Engagement through Polling – January and April

Discover ways to entice student participation in your online class from beginning to end. Using live
polling adds both engagement and excitement to blended environments. Students love the opportunity
to give voice to their opinions and to share their knowledge about topics. These proven online tools
encourage student participation and allow you to gather formative feedback about student
understanding. We’ll show you how easy it is to set up and manage polls using free software

Elevate the Classroom Experience through Gamification – November, February and May

Get ready to play as you turn game strategy into interactive learning. Gamification is the process of
applying elements of gaming and game strategy to enhance learning and engagement in the classroom.
Many free online tools allow you to seamlessly integrate elements of gaming into your classroom
teaching helping you capture the interest of different styles of learners.

Magnify Your Motivation Strategies to Support Asynchronous Learning – December and March

Explore technologies that support student learning even when students are not with you. We’ll show
you how to use technology effectively so that you can motivate and reach your students through
asynchronous learning activities. This will allow your limited in-person time to be better focused on
enrichment and remediation. Make technology work for you and your students!