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A Story of Corruption, Power and Evil Deeds

Don’t miss this Shakespearean theatrical thriller of violent chaos and bloody ruthlessness—all in the immoral pursuit of royalty and climbing the social ladder in tyranny.

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7:30 pm Fridays & Saturdays | 2 pm Sundays


Grand Canyon University brings William Shakespeare to the stage at Ethington Theatre by performing the legendary English playwright’s “Macbeth,” an epic tragedy capturing the brutality of blind political ambition and bloody fight for power. This dark and daunting production delivers a riveting rendition encapsulating how a warrior’s destructive rise to kingship, pursued without moral restraint, ends in deadly dissension.

Destruction. Despair. Downfall.

In a quest for power, Scottish general Macbeth seeks sovereignty after three witches prophesize that he’s destined to be king. Now driven to don the crown, Macbeth consults with his wife, Lady Macbeth, who persuades him to kill King Duncan. Duncan’s treacherous murder triggers a wave of bloodshed intended to eliminate any threat to Macbeth’s seat at the throne.

But then driven by a guilty conscience and haunted by murderous actions—madness and paranoia emerge as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth fear their fate. The two cannot escape the consequences of their deeds and thus discover their own fatal demise.