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Virtual Lab Experiences

GCU LIVE Webinars allow students to delve into exciting and educational virtual experiences from home. These bi-weekly webinars will help students explore their field and walk through how to achieve their goals at GCU. Learn more about our webinar options below:

The Engineering Experience

Join the Program Development Specialist for the College of Engineering for an in-depth virtual experience of GCU’s Engineering facilities! This 45-minute tour will consist of a complete walk-through spanning from an overview of our workshops and laboratories. Alongside this will be a closer look into one of our many undergraduate research programs and the Biomedical Device and Prototyping Lab (BD2P). This tour will serve to let incoming students virtually experience the endless opportunities of potential they have access to starting as early as day one of their freshman year.

The Cadaver Lab Experience

Join this webinar to get a glimpse into GCU’s Cadaver lab. Students are able to learn about the medical field and what it takes to be successful in medical school and beyond. They will also have the opportunity to ask questions after the tour and learn more information about GCU’s pre-health degree programs, including clubs and more. Sign up today to get started with this amazing experience!

This webinar may include imagery of preserved human tissues that might not be suitable for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. Out of respect for the deceased donors, please do not record any portion of this webinar.

Nursing Live Tour

Join us in this webinar for a glimpse into the incredible simulation suites offered as a part of our College of Nursing and Health Care Professions’ Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Pre-Licensure) program! In this live guided tour, you will explore one of our three simulation suites located on our main Phoenix campus. These simulation suites offer the unique opportunity for our nursing students to engage in simulated, real life scenarios with high fidelity manikins and actors as they exercise their critical thinking and clinical skills in order to best prepare them for their career in nursing. Sign up today for the opportunity to learn more about how you can grow in our nursing program!

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