AlgebraArch 2021


Monday, Jun. 14, 2021
Sunday, Jun. 27, 2021




8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Move ahead in mathematics

AlgebraArch is a FREE virtual opportunity for remote students that are entering into GCU in an upcoming fall term to move ahead to a higher math course. This program is not a substitute for the actual placement exam, but gives students a solid foundation for what they might expect.

High school students all start with a basic level of algebra knowledge. However, when students take our mathematics or algebra placement exam, they may not place into the level of math that they expected to. AlgebraArch gives students the opportunity to work for two weeks with GCU Math faculty in an online environment to refresh their previous math knowledge. This is achieved utilizing a math software that uses tests known as Knowledge Checks to tell the students and their instructors the areas that they need to focus on.

Students can also meet with their peers to make lasting relationships and will have regular check-ins via Zoom.

Two sessions of 50 students each:

  • June 14 — 27
  • July 16 — Aug. 8

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