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18COF0112 – Spring Dance Concert Event Page2
See event details for: Spring Dance Concert: POP

Spring Dance Concert: POP

Don’t miss this hypnotic celebration of pop-inspired dance and make it a fun night out with friends and family! RSVP to the party!

Purchase Your Tickets Today
Contact Ethington Theatre Box Office at 602-639-8880 or ethington@gcu.edu to get your season tickets. Individual tickets can be purchased through Ethington Theatre Box or below.

Show Dates:  April 12   |   April 13   |   April 14
7:30 pm Friday & Saturday | 2 pm Sunday

POP! Goes the Dance Department

Join the Ethington Dance Ensemble for an on-stage dance party inspired by pop music and popular culture. The 2018 Spring Dance Concert connects electric beats with artistic expression for a high-energy, eye-catching experience. As mash-ups of various types of dance and chart-topping tunes color the stage, you will be dancing in your seat!

RSVP to the Party!


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18COF0066 – Macbeth Event Page
See event details for: Macbeth – Student Matinee

Macbeth – Student Matinee

William Shakespeare’s epic tragedy “Macbeth” comes to Ethington Theater to thrill audiences with a story of royal and bloody dissension that ensues from a ruthless fight for power. Driven by blind political ambition, warrior and antagonist Macbeth rises and falls in a cold-blooded quest toward kingship. This theatrical Shakespearean theatrical drama captures how deceit and murder, without any moral restraint, ends with deadly consequences.

Unbridled Ambition. Corrupted Power. Tragic Downfall.

Macbeth, a brave Scottish general, finds himself in an unmerciful quest for the Scottish throne after receiving a prophecy from three witches that he’s destined to wear the crown. His steadfast desire to become king, along with the persuasion of his manipulative wife, Lady Macbeth, drive him to murder King Duncan. Now a tyrannical ruler, Macbeth becomes wrought with paranoia and guilt over his evil deeds. Securing his kindship consumes him and he desperately uses any means possible to eliminate potential threats to his throne. Fear and guilt also weigh on Lady Macbeth’s conscience as she loses her mind. Among the bloodshed and treachery, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth cannot escape their fatal fates.

Ethington Theatre invites you to this Shakespearean event that will have you on the edge of your seat. Registration will be available shortly!

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Ring Round the Moon
See event details for: Ring Round the Moon – Student Matinee

Ring Round the Moon – Student Matinee

“Ring Round the Moon” is a humorous, Cinderella-themed theatrical display of misguided love affairs and sly pursuits between high society and the lower class. Adapted by Christopher Fry, “Ring Round the Moon” radiates with fairy tale charm mixed with wry wit while unfolding as a comedic love story in the 1920s.

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17COF0278 – Summer Dance Intensive
See event details for: Summer Dance Intensive

Summer Dance Intensive

Dance students are invited to a week-long overnight* camp at Grand Canyon University! Come develop your skills through instruction with fellow dancers. All classes are taught by distinguished dance faculty and guests, assisted by teacher candidates from GCU’s Dance Department.

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Wind Ensemble-111214.0006_171313
See event details for: Wind Ensemble Concert: Wind Dance

Wind Ensemble Concert: Wind Dance

Grand Canyon University’s College of Fine Arts and Production invites you to get swept away in the unexpected twists and turns of Wind Dance. The whirling harmonies and melodic wind gusts performed by the GCU Wind Ensemble will leave you breathless.
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2018 Spring Spotlight
See event details for: Spring Student Spotlight Dance Concert

Spring Student Spotlight Dance Concert

Support the dance department at the Spring Student Spotlight Dance Concert! Enjoy inspirational choreography performed by GCU students and celebrate the arts.

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Spring 2018 Masterworks Concert
See event details for: Masterworks Concert

Masterworks Concert

Come experience a performance of sacred music, including hymns and traditional spirituals, by GCU’s Canyon Chorale and student and faculty soloists. Featured works by Ola Gjeilo include “Dark Night of the Soul” and “Luminous Night of the Soul.”

Learn more about fine arts degrees at Grand Canyon University.
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See event details for: The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor

Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Neil Simon pays tribute to famed Russian playwright Anton Chekhov by connecting a series of short plays, humorously narrated by a quirky writer representing Chekhov himself. Follow unpredictable plot twists and turns of laugh-out-loud scenes and clever comedy touched with tender moments.

TICKETS: Sept. 1 | Sept. 2 | Sept. 3 | Sept. 8 | Sept. 9 | Sept. 10

See event details for: Ballet to Broadway – April 21 & 22

Ballet to Broadway – April 21 & 22

"Give my regards to Broadway / Remember me to Herald Square /Tell all the gang at Forty Second Street /That I will soon be there"

Inspired by classical ballet and The Great White Way in equal measure, the Ethington Dance Ensemble will perform dances that touch upon popular culture and the American musical tradition. Don't be too certain about what will take place! Our faculty and guest choreographers are likely to bend the rules and transform typical conventions.

Apr. 21, Apr. 22
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See event details for: Java & Jazz at GCBC

Java & Jazz at GCBC

Grand Canyon University’s College of Fine Arts and Production presents Java & Jazz, with live music from Thunder Big Band, tasty treats and delicious drinks.

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