Ring Round the Moon


Friday, Aug. 24, 2018
Sunday, Sep. 2, 2018


3300 W. Camelback Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85017 United States


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Ring Round the Moon
A Comedic Trifle of Romance and Love Affairs

Take a dreamy journey of romance that twists and turns with poetic sentiments of love, cynicism, melancholy and the true nature of happiness.  If you’re a GCU student, show your Student ID to get one FREE ticket.

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“Ring Round the Moon,” adapted by Christopher Fry, is a revival of Jean Anouilh’s L’Invitation au Château, which first appeared in 1950 in London and Broadway productions. This comedy follows a Cinderella theme with fairy tale charm, radiating romance and beauty from the stage. Experience the humor and disentanglements that arises when upper-class pretension meets lower-class ambition. Anouilh categorizes his pieces into categories, and with “Ring Round the Moon’s” dazzling and lighter qualities, it’s classified as “brilliantes.”

“A Charade with Music”

Both a parody and play, “Ring Round the Moon” is known by Fry as “A Charade with Music.” It satirically tells a love story in the 1920s that’s darkened by the evil pursuits of a cold-hearted brother, Hugo. He’s driven to end his innocent twin brother’s marriage to an heiress—who has actually fallen for Hugo. To end their engagement, Hugo elicits the help of a ballerina whose mission is to seduce Frederic; however, she also falls for Hugo. An uproarious chain of events unravels.

“Ring Round the Moon” unveils the complex relationship between love and wealth by displaying tender feelings, wit and a wide range of moods set among a beautiful chateau and French country estate. Among the misunderstandings and disenchantments between lovers, “Ring Round the Moon” has a happily ever after ending, after all.